The intimacy of a remote view

‘Meeting’ other species is key to my thinking, (in a Donna Haraway infused way, for those of a philosophical bent). But what does this mean in practice? My art practice revolves around intimate engagement – making with, up close and personal, rather than pictures of.  So my purchase and use of a trail camera is a contested venture.

However, in retrieving my first footage, I am thrilled with my (several) ten second video bursts of an inquisitive and lovely fox, a brief badger appearance, three appearances by beautiful roe deer. The videos feel intimate, despite being ‘remote’, I suppose because these creatures inhabit my little corner of the world, and came into view where I tied the camera up. Where I am making other work too, so these visitations weave into the density of the portrait I’m making of this wood.




Author: fiona1macdonald

Artist, curator, researcher. Beyond-nonhuman nature. Nemophilist (lover of the woods). Lives and works in Kent, UK

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